How Does it Benefit You?

Sponsoring both of our cars provides exposure for your business. Your business’s name will be shown in many areas as we travel weekly to Norman County Raceway, Red River Valley Speedway, and Buffalo River Race Park. At each race night, there are usually many photographers taking pictures constantly of cars on the track and in the pits. We are both sponsored by a local photographer that updates weekly on photos of cars he has taken.

Who Are We?

We are a brother/sister race team on the path to victory. Our dad got us exposed to racing at an early age. Racing has always been a huge part of our family. In fact, the number we race by (76) is the year our dad was born. Our family revolves around racing 24/7. Instead of going to the lake like most families, we spend all of our summer at the race track working and racing. Our current sponsors are Dakota Cat, Nugget Vending, The Racing Life, Randall’s Excavating, and Performance Auto.

  • Reile has been racing for 11 years, 6 of which were spent behind a go-kart, 4 years were spent in a INEX Legend car, he started racing a IMCA Sportmod last year
  • Gwen has been racing for 5 years, 4 of which were spent racing go-karts, she raced an IMCA Sportmod at the end of last year
  • Our mom currently works at the Red River Kart Club and Red River Valley Speedway, she helps the track with everything from putting on wristbands, to cleaning the track
  • Our dad works at Red River Kart Club, Red River Valley Speedway, Norman County Raceway, and Performance Auto – he is in charge of digital marketing throughout the racing area
  • Our dad started racing 2002 and raced a Wissota Mini-stock for 2 years, Wissota Mod-4 was 5 years
  • Our mom and dad created a local TV show called The Racing Life that was broadcasted on all the ABC stations in North Dakota and on cable in Winnipeg, the show lasted 2 seasons
  • Our dad helped start up the Red River Kart Club which led to helping get Red River Valley Speedway up and running 2 years ago with the third season happening this year
  • Our cousin, Brandon Ferris, raced a Mod-4
  • Our aunt records races at Red River Valley Speedway and Red River Kart Club
  • The Bob Sailer Memorial is held every year at the Red River Kart Club for our grandfather who played a major social part in local racing


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Contact Information:

1535 4th Ave S.
Fargo, ND 58103
Reile Sailer’s Cell: (701)-212-2660
Gwen Sailer’s Cell: (701)-212-7939
Facebook: Sailer 76 Racing